Mr Hisham Osman

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Outpatient Consultant Charge

New £240.00 | Follow up £150.00
Additional fees may be required if additional tests or investigations are carried out during your consultation.
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Mr Hisham Osman's specialities include:

  • Benign breast disease in Male and Females
  • Oncoplastic  & reconstructive breast surgery
  • Family history counselling with regards tot he risk of breast cancer

General Surgery

  • Open hernia repair with mesh
  • Open & laparoscopic appendectomy

Secondary interests

Malignant melanoma & sentianel node biopsy

Skin cancer surgery

Benign skin surgery, mole cyst, wart & skin tag removal


Julie Jordan & Helen Eastell

Tel / 01276 526570

Fax / 01276 522557

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