What is Physiotherapy?

Chartered Physiotherapists treat a wide range of medical, surgical and orthopaedic conditions and injuries.  The main purpose of physiotherapy is to restore function, activity and independence to prevent injury or illness.  The Parkside Suite has a dedicated physiotherapy team that provides patients with care 7 days a week.

Physiotherapy Aims

Our team work with patients to assess and treat their personal needs.  The aim is to restore, function and independence after patients admission or surgery.

We encourage patients to take an active responsibility in their recovery, experience has taught us that individuals who are actively involved with their treatment and discharge plans recover in a quicker time frame.

Discharge Plan

If you require follow-up physiotherapy on discharge, our team will be happy to advise and assist.  We can arrange for you to have physiotherapy as an Outpatient within Frimley Park Hospital to progress recovery.  If it is difficult for you to travel, a Domiciliary physiotherapist may be able to visit you at home.

Follow up Physiotherapy charges

It is worth noting that follow up physiotherapy charges are not included in the cost of your stay on the Parkside Suite.  Settlement of Outpatient physiotherapy fees is to be arranged between yourself and therapist taking over your care.



Physiotherapy as an Outpatient

We offer a wide selection of Outpatient physiotherapy services, please see specialist care & therapy for further details.

Specialist care & therapy